Hi, we are Margaret and Carrol

Great to meet you

Who are we and why we run EMM?


Working towards a more Mindful World Together!

It has been my lifelong passion to help people in general. I am a Mother of 3 Adult Children. A grandmother to 2 Beautiful Grandsons who are my Angels and the light in my life apart from my Children.

As my Children were growing up, where they had a roof over their heads and a comfortable loving home life, it was evident to me that many children didn’t have this, which saddened me greatly. My door was always open to those children that didn’t have a home that were in trouble with the police, as from what I could feel all they needed was Love…. This I was able to give them unconditionally.

I ran my own successful business in Town Planning and Subdivision until approximately 6 years ago I closed that business and decided to focus on my Pranic Healing practice. I am qualified in Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy and Crystal Healing This practice enables our bodies and our minds to align. To help us think clearer, feel better, calm anxiety, depression, illness, over thinking and in general have a more peaceful life.

Seeing how so many children these days seem to struggle with sometimes with situations and knowing that these children will be our future leaders, friends, parents, I really wanted to be able to help them be able to manage their feelings and truly understand that life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. So here we are…!!!!!!


Learn how we can help your child navigate their way around their feelings and do life easier!

I am a mother of two teenage boys, who through the journey of their youth, learnt a lot about the struggles of school, sport, social situations and the home. It was these struggles that steered me into the direction of wanting to make people’s lives easier and my way of doing this was to study Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Pranic healing, NLP, Mental Health First aid. All of this helps increase awareness, which then can improve overall well-being.

ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger, emotional blockages, have all played a part in my life experiences either personally or through the ones close to me.

If you are looking for ways to assist your child, understanding that emotions have messages for us then Educating Mindful Minds – CAN ASSIST!